Secondary Title

Bobbi has been in full time ministry alongside her husband David since 1994.  They stepped up to the call of Lead Pastors at Covenant in 2003 and have three beautiful children.  

Bobbi comes from a past of abandonment, abuse and rejection, a childhood of not belonging to anyone or any place.  Through her humble heart, she partners with the Holy Spirit to impart truth, healing, restoration and deliverance.   She is passionate about God's Word, equipping believers to find their true identity through relationship with the Father and the transforming power of His love and Word.

She is transparent and real, her speaking is disarming, yet direct. She communicates the truth in a way that is relevant and easy to apply to your life.  Her openness about her life and where God has taken her gives people hope that they too can be over-comers and victorious.

To schedule a speaking engagement, please call the church office at 541-298-5551, ext. 2 for Office Administrator, Diane