life stories

God is at work among us. These are real life stories of people who have been touched by the grace and power of Jesus.

"And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony. . ."




Give a short description of who the person is and an intro to their story and let them finish the rest.



I was a wreck. My life was literally out of control. I took no responcibility for my actions. I blamed everyone else for my problems and the only thing I cared about was when and where I was going to get my next high.

That was until someone shared the love of Christ with me. They told me that God loved me. That stunned me! I never heard those words as a boy growing up. It staggerd me that someone actually loved me. Then someone invited me to come to their church. . . read more.

suzie qz / esteem issues

For the longest time, my life was a roller coaster of emotions and self hatred. I found ways to cope with my esteem issues that were unhealthy to say the least. I tried to make everyone love me and accept me all the while I couldn't even love and accept myself. I hurt those who loved me most by trying to please those who could of cared less about me. Family and friends would always encourage me and build me up, but then someone at school would say something that triggered the downward spiral all over again.

I would isolate myself from others and that just made it worse, allowing my mind to take over and leading me to believe the lies I was hearing. . . read more.

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