Freedom ministries

Exposing Satan's lie with God's truth!"

A branch of Wellspring Ministry founded by Dr. Art Mathias, Freedom Ministries is based upon the teachings of Biblical Scripture.  Our goal is to identify ways that we have become separated from God, others and ourselves in relationships.  We believe that broken relationships are the rood of most psychological and physical problems, and that God's word gives us the tools needed to restore them.

  • freedom night

    A 12-week repeating series based on the book:  "Biblical Foundations of Freedom" by Art Mathias


    Every Friday night at 7:00 PM at Covenant in the Upper Building


    Classes are free - The book "Biblical Foundations of Freedom" is recommended.  Cost of book is $25 and can be purchased in our bookstore, or at the beginning of class.


    During FREEDOM NIGHT we lead people in a process of learning to identify issues and to understand it in their own lives, as well as identifying Satan's attacks and then learning how to walk in victory for themselves.  Psychology at times can identify a problem, but only God's principles of repentance, forgiveness and obedience can heal our broken hearts, broken relationships and set us free. (Isaiah 61:1, Luke 4:18-19).  Closure to painful issues of our past comes through the application of God's Word.  We believe that only His principles of forgiveness, repentance and obedience can truly heal the broken hearted.

  • one-on-one prayer ministry

    Freedom Ministries' trained staff provide one-on-one prayer ministry.  To request a one-on-one ministry appointment, please contact the church office at 541-298-5551, ext. 0# or speak with a teacher at Freedom Night. A purchase of the "Biblical Foundations of Freedom" book is required.  Ministry appointments are 75 - 90 minutes.  Payments for ministry are based on a sliding scale and will be determined at the first appointment.

  • testimonies

    "I was set free from toxic thoughts about myself and others, and am now able to witness the goodness of the Lord and truth of freedom to others!" - G

    "I always struggled in my Christian walk until the Lord and His faithfulness brought me to Freedom Night, where I learned the truth of the gospel and was set free." -K

    "My identity was rooted in past failures and words spoken over me such as unlovable, disgusting, not good enough and broken.  Through Freedom Night prayer, and learning to listen to the Holy Spirit, I know the truth about my identity." -B

    "I received so much freedom from praying through the issues in the book myself, then through one-on-one prayer ministry, I was healed of years of abuse and trauma in my life." -M