ABUNDANT LIFE ministries

Exposing Satan's lie with God's truth!"

Abundant Life is based upon the teaching of Scripture. We all need to grow in Christ and learn how to live the Victorious Christian Life.  Every Christian needs to learn how to Renew your mind, Restore what was stolen, Heal from hurts, Empower with God's truths, Expose Satan's lies and be Equipped for Battle.

John 10:10 "The enemy came to kill, steal and destroy, but I came to give life and to give life more abundantly"!

  •              ABUNDANT LIFE CLASSES

    • A 10-week biblical teaching and application
    • Every Friday night at 7:00 PM at Covenant in the Upper Building
    • Classes are free - The books "Biblical Foundations of Freedom" & "Identity in Christ" are recommended.  Books  can be purchased in Covenant's bookstore, or at the beginning of each class.


    Jesus came to heal the broken hearted and to set the captives free. (Luke 4)  During the 10 weeks you will learn to heal from life's hurts. You will be empowered with the truth of God's Word so you can appropriate what Jesus died for you to have. During Abundant Life we will lead you in a process to identify core issues in your heart that are causing you problems.   Closure to painful issues in your past comes through discovering principles and proper application of God's Word.  You will learn to pray, hear the Holy Spirit and apply God's Word in your daily life.

  •                         one-on-one prayer ministry

    Abundant Life  trained staff provide one-on-one prayer ministry.  To request a one-on-one ministry appointment, please contact the church office at 541-298-5551 or speak with a teacher at Abundant Life. Attendance of Abundant Life and the purchase of the "Biblical Foundations of Freedom" book are both required for one-on-one Ministry. Appointments are 75 - 90 minutes.  

  •                                               testimonies

    "I always struggled in my Christian walk until the Lord and His faithfulness brought me to Abundant Life, where I learned the truth of the gospel and was set free." -Kelly

    "My identity was rooted in past failures and words spoken over me such as unlovable, disgusting, not good enough and broken.  Through Abundant Life prayer, and learning to listen to the Holy Spirit, I know the truth about my identity." -Toni

    "I received so much freedom from praying through the issues in the book myself, then through one-on-one prayer ministry, I was healed of years of abuse and trauma in my life." - Marilyn

    "I was clouded with years of self proclaimed vows, doubts, ungodly spiritual teachings, a heart full of confusion, bitterness, unforgiveness and a serious lack in my understanding and knowledge of who I am in Christ. I ​s​tarted

    attending Abundant Life and at times I wanted to stop, but I'm so glad I didn't. I have had growth  and breakthroughs  that have left me feeling unburdened like no worldly counterfeit ever could. ​It was a process. Over the better part of three years I have grown more spiritually than ever in my life.  Had I not dug in and taken advantage of everything the ministry had to offer I think there is a good chance I could have been lost. I know I have a lifetime of working out my sanctification but I truly believe the ministry of ​Abundant Life  was essential in equipping me for battle and more importantly, i​n clearing out my heart and soul so I could really feel the love of ​Father God and build a relationship with Him, Jesus and the Holy Spirit." - Jacob